Say Yes to CSX Platform Campaign

"WE say YES to CSX!"

Chamber Campaign

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In a controversial move the Clayton Selma Chamber of Commerce took a stance on the proposal for CSX to build a railroad hub in the area. The project would require CSX to purchase several properties owned by longtime residents, farmers and homeowners, some with land that had been in the family for generations. Although it would require the activation of Imminent Domain, the right for governments to acquire property for projects deemed necessary and beneficial by the state, the Chamber felt that the needed jobs and commerce the hub would bring to the area outweighed widespread protest.


In an attempt to garner community support, the chamber asked us to create a campaign. Our billboards, adverts, inserts, rack cards and campaign verbiage, slogans and buttons canvased Clayton and Selma tangibly and online. Many people began to feel free to show support for the project and the polls were split. 


Eventually, however, CSX withdrew the offer, fearing lengthy court battles. 


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