The best logos combine colors, fonts, and shapes into a cohesive and meaningful portrait of a brand. Well done logos take on an identity of their own, enabling a brand to become ingrained in culture, creating something larger than the company itself.

On the flip side, a poorly designed logo can derail a brand’s strategy and shun potential customers.



Stitches Inc., currently in operation under a different name in Selma, NC, is a modern day bespoke factory with old fashioned business principles.


To reflect this, we used modern dynamic font choices, updated colors and and paired it with a Gestalt image of an old fashioned sewing machine.

Integrated healing is a home essential oil based health and healing company started by my friend Crystal out of

her kitchen. 

This hand drawn logo is a variation of the Lotus Flower, a symbol of purity, enlightenment, rebirth and self-regeneration. Concepts that go into each product she develops.


Myrick Vineyards is local a winery in Nc. The use of white space intersecting with the letter "M" creates the second letter "V" in the vineyard's name. The Pattern is meant to create the look and psychological feel of wine cork, connecting it to the vineyard's concept name.


The logo intentionally has a more masculine feel in order to stand out from the competition and create a cross over from the craft beer culture, tapping into a previously untouched market base.