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When we sat down and talked about aligning Martha's Brand to her target audience, we wanted to move away from her current muted brown tones and soft-spoken language to something that captured the kind of boldness she exuded on a regular basis. If you have ever heard Martha Fry speak or preach she is anything but toned down. Although her book cover is red and white to cater to both male and female readers, we recommended the use of black and pink in her brand colours balanced with white to fit her fun and feminine emboldened personality.


When we assessed her style, what she wore and the personality of the photos she normally takes, we saw that they showed a side of her that was more fun and edgy than what her current brand identity captured.


We really wanted to draw attention to this part of her personality as a way to set her apart from the norm and draw more people in, especially in this area - recognizing that people crave a directness, level of authenticity and a realness that has been absent in our politically correct culture, especially in the church and among Christian women.


We wanted her brand to be fun but ultimately the goal was to empower people to speak their own truth. Martha has the ability to bridge this gap in a dynamic way, while leading people to Godly rather than worldly Solutions. As a consultant we were not involved in carrying out this vision, only making strategic suggestions.