Voice & Identity in Branding

"Tone of Voice" in branding is similar but a little bit broader than how someone talks.

If you think of your best friend - the way they speak generates a list of predictable characteristics. They speak fast or slow, loud or quiet, have an accent or no accent. The words they use, complicated or simple, explanations long or short. They use humor effectively or they haven't quite mastered the art and there is generally some awkward joke or un-relatable story telling memory you have about them.

In much the same way, brands have a tone of voice even if they don't speak in the traditional sense.

Subconsciously we picture or "hear" brands talk to us through social media, advertisements, emails etc. We form a personality profiles based on those experiences.

Are they funny or serious. Are they corporate or laid back. Would they show up and picket with you over your most committed social issue or do they steer clear of politics and bring the lighter side of life to your timeline. Are they serious, informative, playful etc.

When you are formulating your company brand identity, determining how you speak, or the way you'll deliver your message in Tone of Voice is crucial to forming everything from your logo to your marketing materials and definitely your social media strategy! Having a clear understanding of who you are and how your brand "speaks" to your customers will help you stay consistent across all communication and marketing channels.

I hope this helped clear up some misunderstandings about Tone of Voice and the important role it plays in developing your brand. Have a question about Tone of Voice in branding? Post it here or feel free to message me!

God bless, and have an amazing day!

- Susanne

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