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Security officers are our front line of defense but they receive very little training and insight. The training they do receive is usually catered to police officers which have a completely different kind of job. Recognizing that this type of training was inadequate, and that security companies devoted very little money to training and equipping their employees for the field, Security officer magazine was designed to bring the gap between a HUMNIT like operation and the lack of availability of this type of training in the field.


The idea was to take the more similar special forces training concepts and apply them to the basic security field. We would do this by working with subject matter experts that would provide training, guidance and input on a regular basis. We had also worked on a project where the military developed a program using the highest level of wholistic health specialists and used them to train Special Forces members in order to increase their overall mental and physical well being and reduce injury recovery time. Through those contacts we were able to secure subject matter experts in the area of board certified, olympic training level dietitians and wellness coaching.


We had planned a release event with James Flemming from Warfighter Concepts who conducted training for the SEAL teams and the FBI, and Paul Smith from Front Line Defense, who runs an incredible shooting and training range out in Warrington Nc. Unfortunately the CEO ran into some management issues with his sister company and wasn't able to devote the necessary time and attention needed to get this off the ground. The project lost momentum and was terminated. When we closed the page we had over 14,000 subscribers.








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